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  • Tennis biscuits (crushed) 100.0 g
  • Butter 40.0 g


  • Ginger (fresh, crushed) 20.0 g
  • Water (cold) 600.0 ml

Rosemary Jelly:

  • Boiling water 500.0 ml
  • Fresh rosemary (finely chopped) 5.0 g
  1. Crust:

    • Mix together the crushed biscuits and the melted butter and press into the bottom of each glass or container (approx. 20 g each).
  2. Cheesecake:

    • Pour the Carte D’Or Cheesecake and ginger into a mixing bowl and add the water.
    • Mix with an electric beater on low speed until combined, followed by 4 – 5 min on high speed.
  3. Rosemary Jelly:

    • Bring 500 ml water with rosemary to boil, remove from heat and stir in the jelly until dissolved. Strain the jelly mixture into the cold water and mix well.
  4. To Assemble:

    • Pour or pipe approx. 120 g of the cheesecake mixture onto the crust. Refrigerate for 15 min to set.
    • Pour 20 ml of the rosemary jelly onto the cheesecake and chill for 30 min to set.
  5. Master Tip:

    • You can play with different versions of the crust. Use a chocolate brownie crust or even crushed chocolate biscuits. You can also forgo the pineapple jelly and use a fruit coulis instead.