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 You’ve Got Skills

The benefits of skills development are more practical than you may think. Ultimately upskilling your staff promotes better practices and job satisfaction, here’s why:

Promotes growth and staff retention

To grow staff and develop skills within the company, a succession plan should be implemented. Train staff and invest in their future, as this will motivate and incentivise them, boosting morale and ultimately performance.

Promotes Food safety and hygiene

The priority is to ensure that food is safely prepared for consumption. Providing unsafe food can have serious implications for your business and reputation. Proper training of food safety systems and handling practices are crucial.

Creates customer satisfaction

Keeping your business and staff updated on trends and continuously developing and adapting your menu will gain positive experiences for customers. Implement new items properly with good training. Suppliers such as Unilever Food Solutions, provide great training support.

One of the biggest contributors to lost profits is waste and shrinkage; which results from improper planning, over-production or incorrect usage of ingredients. The correct training of staff will create awareness and minimise  wastage.

Skills development is a great way to retain staff, keep morale up and boost the standards of your business.

Wastage through incorrect portioning when staff do not use standardised recipes.


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