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Chicken Liver Filling

My inspiration to serve the livers in little bread loaves was inspired by my days living in Fish Hoek. My dish boasts lots of spice, colour and rustic flavours.



  1. Chicken Liver Filling

    • Clean and shop Chicken Liver and season with Chicken Spice.
    • In a frying pan, heat a little olive oil and butter, then add the chopped chicken livers that have been cleaned, and gently fry, leaving them slightly pink.
    • Remove from pan and set aside.
    • Add a little more butter and olive oil to the pan and fry the chopped onions until translucent. Now add the chopped peppers, chilli and garlic. Fry gently for 5 minutes.
    • Add theRobertsonsspices, tomatoes, brown sugar and salt. Allow the flavours to develop by frying them for a few minutes at a low heat.
    • Add the chopped tomatoes and allow to simmer for 15 – 20 minutes.
    • Return the livers to the pan and allow to heat through.
    • Spoon your cooked chicken peri-peri livers into the hollowed out mini loaves.