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When it comes to the Breakfast Buffet... thank the Head Chef for ingredients that work for you and leave you to achieve the tasty global long-term trend – minimalism! Trends on Plate is here to help you set up your Breakfast Buffet in a way that'll make the most of this movement and ultimately help you change the game for the first service of the day. Let's get minimal because less is more!


The truth about portion control is that it basically may as well be a science... too much food at a buffet puts customers off psychologically which means a spike in food waste, and too little food turns possible repeat diners into one hit wonders. It's a toughie, we know, so Trends on Plate is here to help you nail portion control with a few tips and tricks.

Smaller tableware is your friend so use half sized plates, bowls and ramekins at the Breakfast Buffet.

Pre-fill food in the smaller tableware. Pre-filling buffet offerings also speeds up Breakfast Buffet lines.

Keep an eye on the number of cutlery sets laid out, it can decide how many times customers return to the buffet.

Use these tips to your advantage and always remember minimalism, it's an aesthetic that will keep your Breakfast Buffet on trend while simultaneously getting your budget under control. Minimalism is a simple 1,2,3 steps away when you use ingredients in the prep process that work for you and ease time-pressure, Knorr Hollandaise Sauce is the ultimate Breakfast Buffet sauce, it doesn't split – so you can focus on serving like a minimalist genius without worrying about the little things.

Knorr Hollandaise Sauce is available via Webshop with Loyalty Points earned when you order your 3-step snip, heat, and pour sauce that doesn't split.