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Mother’s Day is a special time as families gather to celebrate the women they love most in their lives. Mother’s Day means an influx of visitors to your establishment, many of whom are children. The following ideas will help mark the occasion while also accommodating additional guests.


For those that don’t want a full-on meal, a themed morning tea is the perfect way to go. Guests can sip mimosas on arrival and be delighted with gorgeous party décor. Think bright floral arrangements, bunting, themed printed menus, carnation garlands to hang from chairs and even pancake toppers.

As there will likely be many children at your event, think about offering a few colouring books or toys to keep them occupied while mom and family can sip on tea undisturbed.

As a final touch, give each mom a small gift they can take away. Small chocolates, or a beautifully packaged cupcake will do the trick.

Morning tea is a perfect time to experiment with attractive and bite-sized savoury and sweet snacks. Have a look at these sweet recipes for inspiration!

Snacks for Tea
High Tea for Mothers Day

Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day from the Unilever Food Solutions’ team!