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Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time to proclaim your love, eat chocolate and indulge in all things sentimental. Celebrate togetherness and romance at your buffet this February 14th with some of these ideas:

It may seem cheesy, but your diners would love to see a jazzed-up dining room featuring the colours of love. Think red, pink and white tablecloths, balloons, table confetti and streamers to highlight the theme. Flowers like roses, carnations and even daisies symbolize love and add to the feeling of romance. As an extra special touch, place individual roses or chocolates wrapped in red foil at each place setting. Perhaps even offer your guests a glass of complementary sparkling wine as they arrive.

It’s amazing what you can do with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and mould. Something as plain as mashed potato can take on a whole new look with the help of some food colouring and a mould. Think of ideas like:

  • Heart-shaped watermelon
  • Heart-shaped, iced biscuits
  • Using icing sugar and a stencil to add romance to the buffet
  • Pie toppings featuring hearts made from pastry

Make your dining room feel more intimate and special with a one-off Valentine’s Day menu. Include romantic quotes and Valentine’s Day dishes to evoke a sense of fun and romance. Oysters for starters, anyone?

If you’re hosting a special Valentine’s Day themed dinner, up the ante and impress your guests by giving each of them a takeaway helping of homemade breakfast granola, packaged to go. It’s a sure way of delighting your guests and will make your establishment even more memorable.

They say music is the language of love, so play your guests a song. Some well-chosen classics from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Michael Bublé will set the mood for romance.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than dessert. Especially if it involves chocolate. Offering desserts like the ones below is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Be Mine Red Wine Poached Pears
Plump pears poached in red wine, spice and cinnamon, this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert.

Tiramisu For You
Tiramisu made from strawberry gin syrup and garnished with fresh strawberry slices. This individual dessert is decadent to flutter every heart.

Champagne Love
A pink panna cotta lightly infused with Rooibos, served with a sparkle of champagne and berry reduction, lightly dusted with crushed meringue and rich gold leaf.

You’re My Sweet Potato Honey
A delicious hot pudding flavoured with sweet potato and drizzled with a sweet honey and cream sauce.

By making small changes to your menu and dining room décor, serving up doses of love this Valentine’s Day has never been easier. Small touches go a long way!