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On the 1st August 2018, Robertsons launched a new spice formulation. This new formulation is Non-irradiated, with no MSG added, but is also GMO, colourant and preservative free. Can we get a whoop whoop?

It may not sound like a big deal, but trust us, your diners will love and adore you for choosing to use “clean” or “pure” ingredients in your dishes. They will erect monuments in your name, heck, maybe even name a national holiday after you.

Yes Chefs, your diners want pure ingredients and we've just made it easier for you do produce exactly that. And cutting out GMOs was the first step.


Genetically modified foods are foods produced from organisms that scientists have genetically engineered: basically, they make changes to the DNA of the organisms.

It sounds Frankenstein-ish but some good work has been done in this field: the techniques have allowed scientists to introduce new traits to food groups – crops, for example, have been engineered for resistance to pathogens and herbicides.


We know that lots of people do not think very highly of GMO foods, and most certainly do not want to eat any foods that have resulted from laboratory tinkering. (Where's your sense of adventure, people? Kidding.) So, to meet the needs of your health conscious diners, we've kicked GMO into touch. Kicked it to the curb. Set fire to it. You get the picture.

Our new spice formulation is also colourant and preservative free! Happy dance!

It's a new world, with Robertsons Spices. Find our new formulations in our brand-new packaging.