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A day in the life of an Event Caterer is never dull. You need to be fast-paced, organised, patient, adaptable and creative. Preparation and focus is key when it comes to having to work in different environments and conditions – there are a series of checks that need to be done to ensure that everything needed is packed and bought to prepare the food.

With a successful Caterer comes the attitude and skills of their staff. There are many trends in cooking and it is vital that the staff keep up to date with their skills. Catering demands a lot from all staff involved, but most importantly it demands patience. It is vital that each member of the staff knows their responsibility and carries on with their duty in a timely fashion.

The staff needs to be just as dedicated and passionate about cooking as the Chef especially with the long and tiring hours on your feet. A Caterers best friend is a coffee machine and a comfortable pair of shoes!