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African Fusion_1. Introduction to Edge Restaurant_UFSAcademy


1. Introduction to Edge Restaurant

In this video, Chef Vusi Ndlovu explains the Edge Restaurant African cuisine concept that emerged out of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Edge Group wanted to celebrate African dishes and heritage and put together an African cuisine restaurant menu that mirrors the flavours of the continent. Their African fusion dishes include Ethiopian spices, traditional African side dishes, and an array of African cuisine ingredients to delight the tastebuds.

African Fusion_2. Choosing Ingredients_UFSAcademy


2. Choosing Ingredients

In this video, Chef Vusi Ndlovu sheds light on African cuisine ingredients including Ethiopian spices such as berbere and kibbeh (spice butter) and false cardamom. For a real taste of African fusion, he advises using holy basil, carpenter fish, and ethically-sourced chocolate and he says no African cuisine restaurant menu is complete without mopani worms, dried crayfish, honey, and tiger nuts.

African Fusion_3. Black Label Mussels with Roosterkoek_UFSAcademy


3. Black Label Mussels with Roosterkoek

In this video, Chef Vusi Ndlovu shares his grilled mussels recipe. He uses Black Label beer to make a base sauce, while the mussels are gently grilled over the coals. Roosterkoek (bread made from leavened dough) is one of the traditional African side dishes that matches this mussel dish perfectly. He adds marinated fennel when plating the dish, giving a fresh take on African fusion cuisine.

African Fusion_4. Roasted Bonemarrow with Steamed Dumpling and Gravy_UFSAcademy


4. Roasted Bonemarrow with Steamed Dumpling and Gravy

In this video, Chef Vusi Ndlovu says preparing the bonemarrow takes a bit of patience, but the end result is a fantastic African fusion menu option! His steamed dumpling recipe (ujeqe) is easy if you follow the steps, and is one of the most popular traditional African side dishes. In this recipe, there is not much waste as the meaty bones are used to make the gravy.

African Fusion_5. Hibiscus Glazed Beetroot_UFSAcademy


5. Hibiscus Glazed Beetroot

In this video, Chef Vusi Ndlovu shares his Hibiscus Glazed Beetroot recipe, the perfect bridge between the sour and sweet tastes on any African cuisine restaurant menu. Slow roasted beetroot is marinaded in hibiscus rooibos tea and the pineapple grilled next to hot flames adds to the unique flavours in this African fusion recipe.

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