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  • Pasta, tagliatelleor any pasta (cooked per packaging instructions) 250.0 g
  • Olive oil 50.0 g
  • Garlic, crushed 20.0 g
  • Cauliflower(thinly sliced lengthways) 250.0 g
  • Brown mushrooms(finely chopped) 250.0 g
  • Red lentils 50.0 g
  • Water (cold) 200.0 ml
  • Parsley, Italian(roughly chopped) 10.0 g


  1. Method

    • Heat the oil in a pan, add the garlic, cauliflower, mushrooms and fry for 8 min.
    • Add the red lentils, Robertsons Barbecue Spice and stir through for 1 min. Add the Knorr Tomato Pronto and water, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 30 min, stirring occasionally (until the lentils are soft).
    • Reserve some of the parsley for garnish and toss through the rest and serve with your favourite cooked pasta.
  2. Chef's Tip

    • Replace the red lentils with brown lentils. You can also replace the pasta with a gluten free pasta which then makes the dish gluten and vegan friendly.