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  • Salami, Swiss,cut into cubes 30.0 g
  • Oil, Sunflower 5.0 ml
  • Pepper, red(pimento cut into dices 60.0 g
  • Onions, spring, roughly chopped 5.0 g
  • Black olives , deseeded and cut in half 10.0 g


  • Pasta, spiral shapedtricolour (raw weight) 100.0 g
  1. Dressing:

    • In a food processor, blitz the herbs together on the pulse setting, then fold in the Ranch Dressing.
    • Adjust seasoning.
  2. Salami

    • In a little oil, fry the salami /chorizo until natural oils are released from salami, take off heat and add the diced pimento, spring onion and black olives.
  3. Pasta

    • Place the pasta in boiling water and cook soft.
    • Rinse through with cold water.