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Horseradish Mayo:

Pastrami Coleslaw:

To assemble:

  • Pastrami 140.0 g
  • Pumpkin seeds (toasted) 40.0 g
  • Rocket (fresh) 30.0 g
  • Mini-baguettes 8.0 pc


  1. Horseradish Mayo:

    • Mix together ingredients for horseradish mayo.
  2. Pastrami Coleslaw:

    • Mix together ingredients for pastrami coleslaw.
  3. To assemble:

    • Cut baguettes in half and toast until golden brown. Spread 15 ml horseradish mayo on the bottom half, place pastrami slices on top, then the pastrami coleslaw. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and garnish with fresh rocket.
  4. Chef's Note:

    Add avocado slices (soaked in lemon juice) on top of pastrami. Replace pastrami with smoked chicken, or for a vegetarian option use fried aubergine.