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Step 1 - Coleslaw Mix:

Step 2 - Chicken Mayo:

Step 3

What’s better than coleslaw? Chicken mayo and coleslaw wrapped up into one grab-and-go meal! Made even more delicious and nutritious with chickpeas, coriander and a drizzle of honey. 



  1. Step 1 - Coleslaw Mix:

    • Drain the chickpeas. Roughly chop the coriander. Chop the red onion.
    • Mix all the coleslaw ingredients together until well combined and allow to stand for 10 min for flavours to improve.
  2. Step 2 - Chicken Mayo:

    • Shred or chop the chicken.
    • Mix the chicken and mayo together.                                               
  3. Step 3

    • Roughly chop the salad leaves.
    • To assemble: place the wrap on a board, spread with mayo, top with salad leaves, followed by the coleslaw and then the chicken mayo. Tuck and roll, slice in half, package, label and serve. 
  4. Chef's Tip:

    • Use tinned tuna to create a tuna and coleslaw wrap or chicken strips coated inKnorr Professional Sweet Chilli Sauceas another wrap option to add to your deli counter offerings.
  5. Hint!

    • Use the correct packaging to prolong the shelf life and to display your product correctly to increase sales, "Customers eat with their eyes".