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These are the drinks you should charge extra for... these are the drinks you could serve as mocktails or cocktails... these are the drinks for the Instagrammers and the Snapchatters... these are the drinks to put all over your social media accounts! Chef, these are the drinks that will change the game without breaking the budget because waste counts when you're drinking art.

From the earth, Trends on Plate brings you fresh ideas to wash down those delicious Knorr Hollandaise Sauce Omelette Benedictions – let's toast to us growing together, from Farm-To-Breakfast Cocktails.

These drinks taste unforgettable at the Breakfast Buffet enjoyed alongside famous dishes like the Vibey Crêpe that's drizzled with the legendary Hollandaise breakfast mother sauce. Your Breakfast Buffet is in consistent hands with Knorr Hollandaise Sauce, for a creamy and delicious sauce that doesn't split and that's available at your click via Webshop, with Loyalty Points earned on every order made, cheers Chef!