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Some customers are lucky if they get 10 minutes to themselves. Folks have things to do, people to see, places to be, and your establishment can't hold them back, so how about you help them move forward with a full belly and satisfaction to match. Trends on Plate is here to with packaging tips that capitalise on every customer, and do it with a touch of style, because minimalism is the order of the rush, where less is so, so much more.


Get your Breakfast Buffet On-the-Go with a packaging boost that'll keep your budget intact, lower waste, and offer your business-busy, adventurous and plan focused diners an option they'll appreciate and enjoy – making sure your customer satisfaction stays on the rise.

Use compartmentalised packaging, it looks appealing & it controls food waste.

Use recyclable packaging, customers are earth conscious, and you can market your green earth contribution.

Brand your packaging! Up your chance of brand awareness and recognition.

Take advantage of these tips and don't forget minimalism is a friend to all Chefs. Minimalism doesn't have to be bland, so spice it up with the ultimate ingredient that adds the flavour that everybody loves, that South Africans devour and that will get international taste buds salivating for more... Knorr Original Aromat! And it's available via Webshop with Loyalty Points earned on every order made – let's shake it up till they taste it!

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