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Your breakfast buffet is important Chef. You put tireless work into making sure your kitchen gives diners the best possible buffet experience first thing in the morning. Let's not get it twisted – that breakfast buffet preparation is a thing of Spartan chefs, and we understand that, so we're bringing you the breakfast mother sauce, the sauce that goes the distance and has a buffet of taste to offer.

The Hollandaise culinary trend is buzzing through the breakfast service. Diners love the rich and creamy taste. We love its gourmet touch on the buffet offering. Kitchens love that it gives them less to prep. Hollandaise can be a pain in the pot though – it splits and curdles easily, and that's why Trends on Plate is here with Build Your Breakfast Buffet – helping you bring saucy excitement to your buffet, no curdling, no splitting.