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Delicious side dishes of vegetables always add the ‘wow’ factor to any roast offering. Yes, roasts are great, but the real secret behind the perfect roast is the vegetables that partner it, whether you have beef, pork or lamb.

There is a beauty attached to the sight of gracefully balanced vegetables paired alongside flavoursome cuts of meat. Though care must be taken that when choosing a vegetable to pair with a cut of meat, that the taste of one does not overpower the other. A vegetable and meat combination that share too many flavour characteristics, may ultimately end up weak in flavour. And we don’t want that happening, do we?

Roast lamb is elevated to a mouth-watering meal with imaginative vegetable accompaniment. And sweet, tangy vegetables complement a pork roast without overpowering its flavour. In fact they make an excellent companion to pork, but then many claim that beef doesn’t need pairing of vegetables. Well we have news for them ... vegetables do in fact bring out the best in beef, to round off a delicious meal. Life, and meat would not be the same without vegetables. I know you would agree.