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The carvery has just taken centre stage

It’s time for you to explore the relationship between taste and storytelling. Make your carvery an experience. Take pride in bringing out the best in each cut of roasts whilst you ‘wow’ your diners, at their table, with a medley of new ideas and creations.

The division between the kitchen and restaurant is vanishing. Diners now feel like part of the process as it unfolds. They are your partners. Your audience, at the table. Demonstrative Theatre is an educational, interactive and entertaining way of introducing your new ideas, as customers are willing to try new cuts and dishes when they are presented well. 

The key is to ensure that you are knowledgeable and up to speed about the cuts you are presenting and what makes them stand out i.e., the cut of meat, depth of flavour and the tenderness it delivers.

Create your theatre, and stay abreast of what is happening in the food world. We are seeing a rise of this theatrical approach to food service that turns the dining experience into a fun-filled and entertaining experience. Be part of it and build your reputation with a stand-out, amazing carvery.