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Chef Jason Whitehead, restaurant consultant and cookbook author, is renowned for his unusual pairings of natural ingredients and for his exquisite plating. He is an artist – creative and forward thinking, and always trying new flavour combinations. Chef Jason also understands that the hospitality industry is constantly changing and that restaurants have to adapt to stay on trend to give their consumers what they are looking for.

"When it comes to recipe development, Chefs should strive to be original and make sure they are not doing what everybody else is doing," he said. "Chefs should really think out the box when pairing flavours."

Chef Jason is skilled at combining flavours that would be considered unexpected. When cooking with the new range of Robertsons Spices (now GMO-free, Non-irradiated and no MSG added), he used a chicken spice in a rainbow carrot dish with pineapple gel and crème fraîche. Yum. Seriously yum.

"Robertsons' new spice range is not necessarily just meant for what the package intends it to be," he explained. "There are so many flavour profiles you can play with using the Robertsons spices. It’s all about tasting the spice and using a bit of imagination and thinking where you can apply this application in various different ways, instead of just using it as a chicken spice, for example."

We couldn’t agree more. To inspire you to create some interesting pairings of your own, Chef Jason has put together five incredible recipes, starring the new, all-natural Robertsons Spice Range. Welcome to the art of pure!


Embracing the art of pure isn’t only restricted to new, unusual creations. Many diners love what they love, and return to restaurants purely because of a favourite dish. So you don’t want to take these dishes off the table (excuse the pun) and disappoint your regulars.

However, there are ways to present and flavour staple dishes in new ways, that retain their original character but give them a fresh, new feel. With Robertsons new spice range – now GMO free, Non-irradiated and with no MSG added – it has never been easier to add heaps of pure flavour and colour to your menu staples.

Unilever Food Solutions’ very own Chef Brad Kavanagh, has created and plated five beautiful recipes that add a new twist to old favourites. Be inspired by the art of pure!