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Using powders made from indigenous seed pods, fruits and root allows you to add a bit of zest and bite to creamy dressings and create real Afro-fusion salads. They’ve got some serious health benefits too and, as most of them are sustainably harvested, you can be sure your salads will have a genuine ‘Fair Trade feel’! 

Discover an African taste revolution – top trending powders

Moringa – In East Africa the Moringa tree is known as ‘Mother’s Best Friend’ – partly because of its many health benefits but also because it is used in a wide variety of traditional dishes. Every part of the tree is edible. Moringa leaves contain many micro and macronutrients. In fact, gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain seven times the Vitamin C in oranges, four times the Vitamin A in carrots, four times the calcium of milk, three times the potassium of bananas, three times the Vitamin E of spinach and two times the protein of yoghurt.

The fresh leaves can be used as salad greens, while Moringa oil is a sweet oil that can be used to make scratch salad dressings. Use Moringa powder to add zest and bite to a creamy dressing base.

Baobab – Rich in Vitamins B1 and B2, with three times the Vitamin C content of an orange and as much calcium as a glass of milk, baobab fruit is gaining popularity as a healthy additive to cereal bars and smoothies. The leaves can be eaten like asparagus or used in fresh salads while the fruit pulp can be used as an alternative to vinegar in salad dressing or as a tangy ingredient in fruit based salads. If you are unable to get hold of fresh baobab fruits (monkey bread) you can usually find powdered pod extract in health shops. Add it to a creamy salad dressing for a wonderfully refreshing edge that offsets the richness.

Turmeric – OK, it looks like ginger root’s ugly little cousin but there’s more to fresh turmeric than meets the eye! Slice it, grate it or chop it fresh for a spicy, peppery kick that adds an almost Sichuan flavour. Turmeric is fantastic chopped into potato and egg-based salads for extra tang (or you can use the powder to add some sunny colour and taste). It can be grated as a salad topping or crushed into your signature dressing for chicken salads.