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With the new focus on healthy eating and the growing demand, particularly among trendy Millenials, for affordable meal options that ‘are good for me, but filling at the same time.’ your salad menu is increasingly going to be the go-to spot for patrons. But standard ingredients and traditional salad staples, no matter how well constructed and presented simply aren’t going to cut it anymore.  

People are looking for the fresh innovation and taste experiences you create with the rest of your menu, so your choice of ingredients for this changing market is more important than ever. Driven by the craft and farmers’ market phenomenon, ‘locavores’ are attracted to locally sourced, sustainably farmed ingredients while ‘flexitarians’, motivated by ethical concerns around the meat industry are increasingly turning to alternative sources of protein – and salads utilising the latest fad ingredients are the ideal answer.

It’s time to get adventurous, it’s time freshen things up and add some zing to your salad offering. Our chefs have identified some of the freshest salad trends as food for thought, along with some fantastic recipe ideas for you to experiment with and add your own unique style.  


Trend 1 - Bring on the crunch!

Trend 1 - Bring on the crunch!


There is nothing like nuts! Affordable, healthy and delicious – there’s really nothing like nuts to add crunch in an inspired salad dish. More>>

Trend 2 - Go back to your roots

Trend 2 - Go back to your roots


The strong robust flavours of root vegetables are taking the idea of a ‘salad as a meal’ into exciting new directions – while helping you cut kitchen costs too!