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Fruits and berries can add freshness and texture as well as a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins to any savoury salad.

In fact, sweet/savoury salad combinations are a big thing nowadays with chefs experimenting with summer-inspired combinations of fruits, nuts and fresh veggies to take the tartness of berries much further than the dessert menu. The key is to be a little daring!

The sweet tang of berries pairs well with spicy jalapeno, spinach, mixed greens and salt, sunflower seeds, fresh herbs as well as salty feta or crumbly cheese. Toss in a blast of ginger and cracked pepper, or drizzle with the zing of a ginger and lime-based dressing to bring a bit of magic to the salad bowl.

Pick of the crop – top trending berries

Raspberries – A great combination with salty tastes like savoury chicken, bacon and feta.

Gogi berries – Gogi berries aid in weight management and digestion and provide 170% of daily Vitamin A needs. They combine well with a wide range of sweet/savoury ingredients as well as providing a bit of ‘chew’ to chickpea, wild rice and roasted butternut salads.

Blueberries - Blueberries boost brain function as well as promoting heart health and healthy skin. They combine well with balsamic vinaigrette and ingredients like quinoa, grilled chicken, hazel nuts, and fresh tarragon. They’re fantastic in blue cheese salads too.