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Every year in September, the world celebrates Heart Awareness Month.  Heart disease affects are far reaching. An unhealthy lifestyle is largely to blame for this growing problem with over-eating, smoking, drinking and not exercising being key causes. The good news, however, is that we can prevent up to 80% of heart disease by eating well and exercising.  Here are some tips on how you can make your dishes more enticing yet healthy for your guests this Heart Awareness month!

Keep it lean

  • Choose lean proteins like chicken, fish or turkey (removing excess skin) or lean red meats like fillet of pork or beef.
  • Avoid fattier cuts of meat like pork belly or rump steak and remove any visible fat.
  • Serve less battered and deep fried dishes - even when the meat itself is lean (like chicken, fish, tofu or vegetables).
  • Use less oil and fats when cooking.

Serve smart sides

  • Having a good helping of vegetables not only adds nutrients to your dish, but adds texture, bulk and colour!
  • Wholegrain pastas, rices or breads are also good nutritious alternative to refined options.

Spell it out

  • Displaying the nutrition content of dishes can help your clients choose healthier meals
  • Point out nutritious ingredients used in meals to help diners make heathier choices.

Flavour doesn't always mean salt

Restaurant meals can contain as much as three times the recommended daily salt allowance. Here are some simple ways to boost the flavour in your dish without adding salt:

  • Use lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Using herbs can enhance the visual appeal and flavour of your dish.
  • Adding spices such as turmeric, curry powders, paprika, cayenne, and pepper are an easy way to bring a new dimension of flavour to your dish.
  • Cook with garlic, ginger, chilli and onions to create a base flavour in your dish.