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At Robertsons we’re continually striving to combine exceptional quality and taste with sustainable farming practices. We travel the world to select the best quality herb and spice varieties that offer the richest colour and best flavour. Paprika is a low pungent chili classified as a separate spice to the chilli as it is specifically grown for its rich colour that adds strong colour and little chili to food.

Our sustainable Paprika story starts in the local and rich soils of the North West Province in the agricultural town of Delareyville in South Africa. The area is ideally suited to the conditions of Paprika farming due to its warm climate, flat and level land and good water table. On 60-hectare plots, our Robertsons sustainable Paprika is grown in abundance and farmed by brothers Dirk and Dries Vorster on their two scenic farms Corsica and Duikerbos.

In line with our “farm to fork” policy, Robertsons regularly monitors the sustainable farming process used to produce over 300 tons of paprika for our brand on these farms. Both farms produce full and rich Paprika crops due 
to the responsible practise of soil fertility through crop rotation once 
every three years and reduction of water wastage through controlled 
irrigation and constant water monitoring. The way the crops are 
fertilised and protected using a minimal amount of pesticide is in 
line with our sustainable criteria and nutritional plan to keep them 
strong and ready to produce quality Paprika fruits.

Harvesting takes place at the optimum stage of maturity, we say it’s when you can wrap the fruit around your finger! We use first grade Paprika in our products judged by its rich colour, large size and limited markings. Our Paprika is then naturally air-dried in our warm South African sunlight and compressed and stacked into Paprika bales ready to transport in a way that ensures no flavour of the harvested Paprika is lost.