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Whether you start or finish at the crack of dawn, routine is part and parcel of work.

To avoid the repetitive feeling of cook, sleep, rinse, repeat - it can be beneficial to shake up  your routine to add new habits to existing good ones. Keep fresh for service with thsese three tips

  • Take a walk - Give yourself a break by taking a short walk between prep time and service. It helps to clear your head, calm your nerves and reenergise yourself ahead of service. Five minutes of fresh air or a different setting is better than a 12-hour uninterrupted shift.
  • Get focused - For some venues this means music and no talking before service while getting everything ready. For others, it's a quick team pep talk that does the trick - so find what will work best for your team
  • Front of house - Head out to the dining room before service to maintain a friendly relationship with FOH. It's also a great way to keep an eye on service.