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Know Your Food Allergies

Being allergy aware should always be on top of your mind when preparing and planning your menus.

With a number and the type of allergies on the rise, it's important to identify potential troublemakers on your menu and also familiarise yourself with handy replacement ingredients.

Test your allergy skills today by taking the quiz below:

1. Casein is another name for which foodstuff?

 (a) Milk (b) Egg (c) Nut

2. Which of the following would be classified as a Shellfish?

 (a) Mackerel (b) Anchovy (c) Crayfish

3. Which allergen is likely to be present in Paella?

 (a) Peanuts (b) Shellfish (c) Sesame

4. Which of the following foodstuffs contains Soya?

 (a) Quinoa (b) Tofu (c) Tahini

5. Balsamic vinegar mixed with salt is a good ingredient substitute for which food?

 (a) Whey (b) Penne (c) Benne

6. Which allergen should you be aware of if you were to use Tahini paste?

 (a) Soya (b) Sesame (c) Egg

7. Which is the most common symptom of a reaction to Sulphur Dioxide?

 (a) Rash (b) Dizziness (c) Wheezing

8. Which of the following foodstuffs IS suitable for a Nut allergy sufferer?

 (a) Marzipan (b) Nutmeg (c) Cashew butter

9. Which of the following foodstuffs IS suitable for a Coeliac?

 (a) Malt (b) Barley (c) Quinoa

10. Which of the following products may contain Lactose?

 (a) Soy milk (b) Sheep's milk (c) Coconut milk

11. Which of the following is likely TO NOT contain Celery?

 (a) Soup (b) Bouillon (c) Houmous

12. Lupin is

 (a) A flower (b) A mollusc (c) A cereal

13. Which one of the following foods is most likely to contain Mustard?

 (a) Salad cream (b) Tomato ketchup (c) Worcester sauce

14. Select one way to identify allergens in a product being used for your menu?

 (a) Ask a member of staff what they think

 (b) Always check the label

 (c) Visually inspect the product

15. Which of these should you do FIRST if a guest has an anaphylactic reaction?

 (a) Inject an adrenaline shot if available 

 (b) Place guest in recovery position if unconscious

 (c) Dial 000 for an ambulance



1.(a), 2.(c), 3.(b), 4.(b), 5.(c), 6.(b), 7.(c), 8.(c), 9.(c), 10.(b), 11.(c), 12.(c), 13.(a), 14.(a), 15.(b)


How do you manage allergy awareness in your kitchen?