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The age of the iceberg lettuce is over. Today ‘dark greening' is the thing, as kale, spinach and
re-invented rocket take a starring role as intriguing salad bases.

One of the greatest things you can do for your health is to have a good green salad. But let's face it,
while greens may be the soul of the salad, they often play second fiddle to the other ingredients, the
toppings and dressing that entice customers and often give the menu item its name. But, as trends
change, innovation is creeping into the green base of the salad.

The age of the ice berg lettuce is all but over. Today ‘dark greening's' the thing, as kale, spinach and
re-invented rocket take a starring role as intriguing salad bases that make a genuine contribution to
your dish's flavour profile. Sweet, bitter, crisp, soft and delicate, wilted or seared - today's green salads
have turned over a new leaf!

KALE - very low in calories and nutrient dense so it's a great guilt-free ‘filler-upper'. It contains a range
of vitamins and minerals but is especially high in vitamins A, K and C (in fact a cup of raw kale has more
vitamin C than one orange). Kale has a whole mouthful of flavour, which combines well with chicken,
beef, lamb and pork.
Kitchen hack: Buy whole heads of kale rather than the salad ready baby kale. They are cheaper and the
leaves can be easily softened by marinating in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes for 2

SPINACH - nutrient dense and especially high in vitamins A, C and K as well as iron, folate and calcium.
Due to its softer texture baby spinach tends to be more popular in fresh salad items, although some
chefs do use the darker more mature leaves especially in Asian-style wilted or crisped spinach salads.
However you choose to use it, spinach adds a hit of flavour to salads containing seafood, beef, lamb,
chicken or pork.

ROCKET - it's more than a somewhat ‘tired' garnish. Today rocket is being used (in combination with
other greens) to add its distinctive peppery hit to salads incorporating
bacon, chorizo, beef, chicken, seafood and lamb.