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When you are running a busy catering establishment, keeping your kitchen hygienic and clean may seem like a tough task. Standards for food hygiene in commercial kitchens are understandably very high and, as a result, there are lots of things you need to do before, during and after every shift to satisfy the rules and regulations. This guide to catering hygiene will help to safeguard the health of your customers and protect the reputation of your establishment.

Looking for a quick start to kitchen hygiene? Here are Chef Rob’s 7 actions you can take right now.

But if you are looking for a more detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the commercial kitchen cleaning procedures that all establishments should follow, so you can be sure you meet the legal and customer standards of cleanliness.

Prep & Storage
Cross-contamination and wastage are high risks at the storage and prep stages – learn how to avoid them!

  1. Food Preparation Guide
  2. Storing your Food Safety

Food Safety
Food Safety in the hospitality industry has always been an important topic, but now it is a demanded skill. Get the best advice on how to keep your food safe.

  1. 7 Food Safety Tips
  2. Common Foods that cause Allergies
  3. Common Establishment Hazard Spots
  4. Everything you need to Know about Bird Flu
  5.  Know the Dangers of Listeriosis

Given how strict the rules and regulations surrounding food hygiene can be, keeping your kitchen and establishment clean can sometimes seem like an impossible task. But, as long as you follow the advice for commercial kitchen cleaning procedures that we’ve laid out here, you should be able to protect your customers, ensure the quality of your food, and keep your good reputation.