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  • Fusilli Pasta 80.0 g

Smoked Chicken and Roasted Cashew Nut

  • Chicken, smoked(cubes) 100.0 g
  • Assorted Peppers(cut in squares) 35.0 g
  • Nuts, Cashew,toasted 20.0 g


  • Basil leaves (fresh)to garnish 1.0 g
  1. Pasta:

    • In a pot of boiling water cook pasta until al dente. Strain, cool and keep aside.
  2. Smoked Chicken and Roasted Cashew Nut

    • In a bowl, mix the smoked cubedchicken, roasted peppers cut into squaresand toasted cashew nuts with the Hellmann’s Tangy. Once mixed toss through the pasta.
  3. Garnish:

    • Finish off with a seasoning of cracked black pepper and a few basil leaves.