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One of the most important outlets is the power of social media... it started as a millennial thing but as companies capitalised on the free platform, older generations jumped on the social media train, maybe it was FOMO, who knows, but everyone's a social media user! If your restaurant doesn't have an Instagram or Facebook page, start one so you can use these tips to your advantage, and remember people use social media to search for places to eat... that's a fact.


  • Get known for your best dishes, authenticity is key!
  • Combine beautiful dishes with solid photography and start a trend!
  • Switch it up! Change your curated dishes every week or two weeks, keeping people interested and popping back into your restaurant to try new dishes.


  • Create limited menus using ingredients from stock that's about to go off and reduce your food waste while upping your sales.
  • Keep the tasting menu limited, that way you'll have the power to change it up depending on your extra stock.
  • Plate your limited tasting menu like a boss so you can price to capitalise & don't forget to curate dishes on social media.


  • Don't underestimate the takeaways!
  • Make your packaging epic... if the packaging looks as good as your food tastes, it will end up on social media.
  • Get people posting your takeaway packaging and tagging you by offering competitions or discounts... this = free advertising.

There's no more beating around the bush for increased margins, higher foot traffic, more likes, bigger brand awareness and ultimately – happier customers and a happier you, Chef. Whatever you do, keep it original and don't forget, we have the sweetest, juiciest ingredient in Knorr Tomato Pronto that serves up a taste of authenticity to match your social genius, time and time again – plus it's available all year round via Webshop with Loyalty Points for you to earn on every order made!