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Your customers have a growing belief that food consumption has a direct link to their health, as a result we have seen the rise of organic food, but organic means high costs for your kitchen and pushing the budget more than it can sometimes handle. So Trends on Plate is here with a Da La Mia Casa solution, nostalgia. We are about to help you capitalise on the taste of "home", with tips below and recipes just a click away, let's give your diners flavours that make them feel like they belong.


Almost every customer cherishes the complimentary stuff you serve them, both when they sit down and when the bill arrives, so why not use these to create an emotional attachment to your establishment.

The Bread Basket Switcheroo

1. Knorr Tomato Pronto Extension* dip 2. Mielie Bread 3. Pot Brood 4. Dombolo

The Alternative Bill Treat

1. Chappies 2. Choc-eclairs 3. Mini Fizzers 4. Popping candy
5. Liquorice 6. Popcorn


Why not give a touch of “home” to your blackboard specials, that way you can go through a wide variety of dishes and flavours, and you can track which flavours make the nostalgic impact. Here are some market researched suggestions to kick-start your blackboard order of "home".

Mom's Mains

1. Vetkoek & mince 2. Potjiekos 3. Spaghetti & Meatballs
4. Hearty beef ragu 5. Gnocchi D'pomodora

Granny’s Desserts

1. Milktarts & Carte D'OR Chocolate Mousse 2. Pancakes with sugar
3. Carte D'OR Chocolate Mousse infused Koeksisters 4. Malva Pudding made over fire

Keeping it simple is about to get mighty budgety while getting mighty tasty, as we go ahead and blend in a taste of “home” with modern times – it's a recipe for success! Add consistency to flavours with Knorr Tomato Pronto, it's available all year round, and it's willing to help you serve it like your mama. Knorr Tomato Pronto & Carte D'OR Chocolate Mousse are a click away, swing over to Webshop and earn some Loyalty Points with every order made. Let's get hearty... let's get homey.