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Chef, globalisation has changed how customers see food, it's changed how people consume food and it's added pressure on restaurants to evolve alongside consumers' expectations and wants... but what if customers don't know what they want? What if there's so much information available that their perceptions are over saturated? No worries Chef, Trends on Plate is here with Da La Mia Casa's take on hyper localisation, helping you inspire the artisanal spirit within for the local difference that gets you capitalising on food tourism.


  • Produce matters... serving 100% fresh food begins with fresh ingredients, the freshest food tends to be local and serving fresh turns diners into repeat customers.
  • Every community is unique... using produce and flavours unique to your restaurant location automatically makes your establishment unique.
  • Finding the essence of your environment, of what the locals grow and sell, gives you a direct connection to new ingredients that differentiate food flavours.
  • Think of adapting to your local environment of produce as a new way to adapting to the globe.


  • South Africa is a cultural melting pot with an encyclopaedia of ways to prepare food that have never been seen by the rest of the world... inherit the skills that are distinct to Africa and give your food authentic presence.
  • Combine ancestral food preparation with your creative skills and give your restaurant completely uncommon exclusivity... this combination is rare and inspires food tourism.
  • A simple touch of inherited influence is all you need... it's in your artisanal touch... it's in the subtlety... it's in you Chef.

It's time to serve with precision, Chef, it's time to capitalise on the global consumer search for local individualism, where the food you serve is distilled through hyper localisation – from produce to skill, from skill to plating, from plating to flavour and from flavour to customer favour. With ingredients that work alongside your creativity, with ingredients like Knorr Tomato Pronto, you give your dishes a sense of consistency and flavoursome elements you can depend on. Begin your hyper localised journey via Webshop, where every uniquely assisting ingredient is a click away and earn yourself Loyalty Points on every order made.