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No matter which catering channel you work in education, elderly care, healthcare or workplace canteens, the pandemic has changed your customers’ needs.

Customers want more convenient snacking, healthier menu options and most importantly, safe, delicious food! The grab-and-go trend is convenient and it puts your customers’ safety first.

Grab-and-go is also perfect for your customers who want meals that are sealed when they purchase them and can be eaten at work or while they are on the move.

We’ll show you how to create delicious meals like chicken salads, sandwiches, bakes and burgers that your customers can eat on the go. Plus, this takeaway type style of eating will also keep queues shorter over your busy times, meaning you can serve more people, quicker!

Ready to find out more about this game-changer and how grab-and-go can work for you?

Grab-and-go Sandwiches & Salads
Healthy, delicious and easy to eat on the go! These salad bowls and sandwiches are the perfect grab-and-go options for your customers.

Single-Serve Tea
Make grab-and-go an occasion by offering Joko’s Individually enveloped tea as an add-on. Hygienically sealed and tea-rrific!

Serving Up Familiar Favourites!
Your customers want tasty, healthy and affordable meals. Think comforting, satisfying, familiar South African food that provides loads of nutrition at a low cost.

Food on the Go: Tips for Grab-and-Go!
Here are some exciting menu ideas that offer your customers home-style food to go, keeping them happy, safe and maintaining your turnover.

Clean As You Grab-And-Go
Here’s how you can ensure you, your equipment, kitchen and storage areas are always kept clean to prevent contamination.

Ready to grab-and-go go? Your customers will love this hygienic, nutritious, delicious new way to serve.