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With pantry and budget constraints putting pressure on your kitchen this winter, you need cost-effective pantry solutions to help you take winter by storm and regain your profits.

Our winter basket is here to help your establishment win this winter and serve wholesome, winter meals with versatile product solutions.

Our products are cost-effective because you can use them when and how you need them, which extends your ingredients and reduces unnecessary wastage, helping you to save on costs. 

Pantry constraints

1.Pantry constraints

Reducing your food costs is an opportunity to tackle your pantry constraints and increase your profits, especially with our versatile products that store well and reduce wastage.

2. Staff shortages

2. Staff shortages

Repurposing your kitchen operations with portion control will help you regain your profits, especially when dealing with staff shortages.

Skills shortage

3. Skills shortage

Keeping your buffets cost-efficient is an essential way to regain your profits during the colder season. 

Extend your menu and your profits with our versatile products and recipes:

Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce

Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce

Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce is the perfect ready-to-use pour-over sauce that saves you time in the kitchen: just heat, snip and pour. 

Curried Sauce

Pan-fried Linefish Topped with Citrus Rooibos Hollandaise

Good Green Sauce

Robertsons Medium Rajah

Robertsons Medium Rajah

Robertsons Medium Rajah Curry Powder is the perfect versatile spice to add great flavour and colour to every hot dish. With just one versatile spice needed, save on costs and create a range of hot dishes, including curries, stews and casseroles. 

Curried Lentils and Avocado Wrap

A Fish in a Pickle

Chicken Curry

Knorr  Professional Mash Flakes

Knorr  Professional Mash Flakes

Quick and ready to use, Knorr Professional Mash Flakes can be used as needed, saving you time and reducing food wastage and cost. They are also perfect for pairing with our brown sauces for a hearty, wholesome dish.

Delightful Chicken and Gammon Pot Pie

Creamy Corn and Cheese Mash

Butternut Mash

Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Granules and Knorr Professional Beef Stock Granules

Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Granules and Knorr Professional Beef Stock Granules

Versatile and easy to use, Knorr Professional Stocks are perfect for classic hot dishes like stews, soups and roasts, adding great flavour that is cheaper to make than from scratch. 

Guac-a-Salsa Dressed Chicken Fillet

Sweet Potato and Tofu Soup

Traditional Ligurian Fish Stew

Knorr Professional Brown Onion Soup and Knorr Professional Oxtail Soup

Knorr Professional Brown Onion Soup and Knorr Professional Oxtail Soup – cost vs scratch

Extend your pantry and deliver high yield with versatile, easy-to-use soups, perfect base soups or thickeners and in classic hot dishes like stews and casseroles.