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We know that Chefs like using seasonal ingredients. They're cheaper, healthier, easier to get, and just taste better.

LesDaChef couldn't agree more. "When it comes to food, you want things that taste like what they are. You don't want things that are altered, that are not what they seem. Chefs will always go for things that are fresh. It's all about seasonality, things that you can get easily and that aren't altered too much," he said.

Which is why we know Chefs will love Knorr Aromat Naturally Tasty – it fits into this spirit of cooking perfectly. It's made only from celery, salt, garlic, onion, mushrooms, turmeric and bay leaves. No GMOs, no colourants or preservatives and no added MSG.

"That's what I look for when I choose my ingredients," said LesDaChef.

So, when you're looking to flavour and season your seasonal ingredients, the natural choice would be Aromat Naturally Tasty. It's all of the flavour South Africans love, with none of the additives. And it's keeping your seasonal, natural food, natural!